High Banks Entertainment Ltd.

High Banks Entertainment Ltd. is a Canadian independent production company located in Victoria, British Columbia. High Banks Entertainment Ltd. started in 2003 with their controversial short form film 'Bangkok Girl' seen on CBC (breaking audience records) and SVT in Sweden.

In 2011 the company has completed two feature films (one drama 'Aswang: A Journey Into Myth', and one documentary 'The Aswang Phenomenon') regarding the 'aswang' folklore from the Philippines. Both are available, in one DVD package, for educational sales and licensing through Moving Images Distribution. They are also available to screen on YouTube. The Aswang Phenomenon has garnered over 1.7 million views.

Watch "The Aswang Phenomenon" documentary



Aswang Blog - a diary of the production process for the films.

Dumolog Blog - a scholarship program supported by High Banks

Moving Images Distribution - Educational Sales for The Aswang Phenomenon